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This past weekend we in Connecticut got one of those rare weekends where there’s not a cloud in the sky. As my inventory has been getting rather low, and since I’m on the hunt for items for my upcoming wedding, I decided to take advantage of the dry weather to make a picking trip.


My picking grounds of choice was the Victorian House in Franklin CT, and it did not disappoint. They were having a sale out on the yard and in the barn. There were some great books in the barn, and I snatched up a handful, including two Bobbsey Twin mysteries, some atlases to upcycle into paper flowers for my wedding, and some books of Valentines from the 1950s.

An assortment of vintage books for sale in Franklin, CT

Can you spot the Bobbsey Twins?


I was also able to pick up on the yard a Hall teapot with a design I’d never seen before. It looked like it had been a custom order for a doctor, as it had medical insignia in gold leaf on the sides. My rule of thumb when picking is, if it’s something you’ve never seen before, and the price is right, snatch it up.

A thrift store in Connecticut

The house and the barn, what a beautiful day!


Inside the house, they were setting up for their upcoming auction, an event that occurs every Tuesday morning, and is a favorite for those of us locals in the resale business. But there were some great items remaining for sale in the front of the house, including some vintage scales and a Wolverine action figure. I snatched up one of the scales, as industrial vintage is quite popular these days, but I left Wolverine behind. He was missing some of his knives, and I felt the price was a little too high to have any meat left on the bone for me.


action figure of X Men Wolverine

Help! I’m trapped in some sort of box!

It was a healthy haul for the day, and I came back home satisfied that I had gotten great deals to pass along to my Etsy customers, as well as some treats for me.

Three vintage postal scales

Some of the scales in the shop. I took home the one in the middle.


I’m holding off until the season is right on the Valentines, but you can buy my Bobbsey Twins finds on Etsy right now: