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We’ve got the Whole World in Our Hands!

Vintage globe, just ready for crafting!

Vintage globe, ready for crafting!


When planning our transatlantic wedding, it only made sense to my fiancé and I to have an around the world theme.


One of the most fun details I’ve created to follow that theme is our guest book. I decided to use a globe for our friends and family to sign instead. It turned out really nice, and was surprisingly easy to do.


The supplies you’ll need are:


One globe

One bottle of chalkboard paint, I used Martha Stewart’s in Surf blue

One paintbrush, I prefer the sponge kind to the bristle

One exacto knife

One glue stick

Four to five 8×10 sheets of  duct tape, also available at Michael’s

Four to five sheets of card stock


The first step was to create a stencil. I went onto Microsoft Word and chose a font I liked, and enlarged it to the size I’d need to fit my globe. I had to manually change the font size, you may need to do this as well depending upon the size of your globe. I then printed the stencil pattern onto the card stock.

Card stock glued to duct tape

Card stock, glued to duct tape and ready for cutting!



Next I glued the cardstock on to the duct tape. After allowing it to dry, I was able to cut out the stencil from the duct tape, using the exacto knife. Depending upon the font you use, you may be able to use scissors, but because I chose a font with a lot of curves for a more romantic feel, the exacto knife became a necessity.

The completed stencils, made of duct tape!

The completed stencils, made of duct tape!



Then it was time to put the duct tape stencil on the globe. Make sure you know exactly how you want the letters to go before you peel the back off, it will be sticky! Make sure the tape is flat against the globe; you don’t want any wrinkles where paint may be able to seep in.


Next we get to paint! Make sure to shake the bottle up before applying it to the globe. You will need two to three coats, and will need to wait at least an hour in between applications. Allow to dry over night.


Duct tape letters applied to vintage globe.

Duct tape applied to globe, it’s almost pretty enough as it is!

The next morning, it’s time for the big reveal! Try not to wait too long to peel the tape off, or it may become too difficult to remove. The condition of your globe will also play a factor in this, some globes are made by simply gluing paper, and these especially might adhere too tightly to the tape and tear.

Vintage globe painted with blue chalkboard paint

Globe and letters covered with the chalkboard paint, ready for the big reveal!


And that’s it! You’ll have a beautiful statement piece you’ll be proud to show off in your home, long after the honeymoon is over.

Globe painted to be used as a wedding guestbook

Tada! The finished product, just itching for signatures!


If you love this style but aren’t all that crafty, there’s a wonderful artist on Etsy, Imaginenations, who creates amazing things with upcycled globes: