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Hankscraft was a company started by Marshall W. Hanks in ReedsburgWisconsinin the 1940’s. He would apply for the patents on the products he perfected, and then  would contract out to other companies to make his products. Most notable was Redwing, who added an underline to the Hankscraft mark on every product they made. Other manufacturers were used, but only Red Wing had the distinct mark.

Mark on bottom of pottery dish

The distinctive underline mark that shows your piece of Hankscraft was made by Redwing.


The majority of their products were made for babies. Their dishes had a hole you could fill with warm water to keep the food inside the bowl heated. Many of their items featured favorite cartoon characters, like Donald Duck, or nursery rhyme characters, like Humpty Dumpty. In addition to ceramics for baby, they also sold vaporizers and other appliances for the home. They were eventually bought out by Gerber in the 1970’s.



Vintage Hankscraft by Gerber humidifier from the seventies. Gone are the gorgeous ceramic pieces first produced under the Hankscraft name.

The great thing about Hankscraft is the ingenuity that went into making these products. Having the hole to pour hot water in was pure genius in a time when there wasn’t a microwave to pop a dish in and reheat, and was probably better for both baby and the environment.

Hankscraft divided warming dish for baby, now available on Etsy!


Want a great dish for your baby girl that won’t melt or get warped in the microwave or dishwasher? Something that lasts longer than plastic, and is better for the environment too? Then you’re in luck, I have a Hankscraft divided warming dish in my store on Etsy right now.