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One thing I can never have too many of in my closet are shoes. I love vintage looks, especially the more folksy styles of the seventies. My favorite seventies trend in shoes are wooden heels.

Wood heels can be painted and carved in elegant and imaginative ways.


Wood heels were seen on every style of shoes in the seventies, from boots to sandals to pumps. They could be dressed up or down, worn to work, parties, or the beach.

Boots, my favorite way to rock the wood heel!


The thing I like best about wood heels, and all vintage clothes, is that they’re not only on trend, they’re environmentally responsible, and easy on the wallet too! Buying vintage clothes means buying something that isn’t using up valuable natural resources to produce. It’s also a means to put sweat shops out of business all over the world.


Classy wood heels, perfect for date night!

When you buy inexpensive clothes from the big box stores, it creates a demand for more inexpensive clothes. Companies work harder to cut costs to meet that demand, taking their factories overseas, paying their workers less and less, and building unsafe factories.


Menswear inspired wood heels are perfect for the office, but also go great with skinny jeans and a cute t shirt.

Buying vintage clothes keeps your cost down, without cutting down more trees, without putting more money in corporate pockets. Most vintage clothing sellers are small independent businesses, or non profits such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill.


So, not only are vintage wood heels stylish, they’re good for your peace of mind!


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