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Due to a new marriage and a job offer, my family and I have relocated from Connecticut to Michigan. So far we’ve enjoyed the move. It’s a little bit colder, A LOT flatter, and occasionally we miss the open breeze. But the people are nice and inviting, I’ve grown to love shopping at Meijer’s and never plan on stepping foot in a Wal Mart again. The best thing about the move, though, is the picking. I’ve found some amazing things already for the shop, that I can’t wait to share with all of you!

For one thing, it seems like garage sale season lasts a lot longer out here than in Connecticut. Here it is mid-October, and I’m still finding at least a dozen of them listed on Craigslist every week. On the whole, prices are pretty good. I tend to take my daughter with me, and she’s always able to find a toy she just has to bring home that costs a quarter or less. I’m also beginning to get familiar with new pottery manufacturers. One of my new favorites is Red Wing, which produced hand painted china in Minnesota until the plant closed in 1967. Fluid, Eames era styling make great additions to my shop, and my home! I have a dinner plate in the Lotus pattern on Etsy right now; I have a Bob White serving bowl displayed in my kitchen that isn’t going anywhere.

plate, cup, and saucer

Lotus Red Wing dinner plate, paired with a Melmac teacup and saucer.

There are also a lot of thrift stores out here. Whereas in my part of Connecticut you were limited to Goodwill and Salvation Army, in our part of Michigan those old standbys are joined by St. Vincent, Volunteers of America, and World Missions, to name a few. We have found gorgeous well priced items to furnish our home, plus great finds for Etsy, including some Metlox Poppytrail in Sculpted Grape. Next to Franciscan, Metlox is my favorite midcentury California pottery, so I’m pleased as Punch to have it sitting in my office, ready to find a new home.

sugar bowl and creamer with grapes

Metlox Poppytrail sugar bowl and creamer in Sculpted Grape.


I can’t wait to see what spring and summer have to offer here in the Midwest. I’m hoping to get a chance to explore the World’s Longest Yard Sale and some of the other large rummage sales and flea markets. Where are your favorite places to find vintage treasures?