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Vintage Girl Scouts

Scouting memorabilia and vintage uniforms, badges, etc., make great collectibles and vintage décor. Both Boy and Girl Scout items are popular right now, but I have a soft spot for the Girl Scout items, having been a member of our local troop as a Brownie and as a Junior Scout. My mom had been the troop leader for most of that time, and we held the meetings in our basement. We learned to sew, start a campfire, and make ceramics, and I formed bonds that have lasted into adulthood.

The interior illustrations of a Junior Girl Scout Handbook from the 1970s.

I guess that’s why I’m always drawn to vintage Girl Scout items. I can’t pass by a handbook without flipping through its pages, and love digging through old badges, looking for the ones I’d earned and those I never got around to. The first Girl Scout troop was formed in 1912 in Savannah Georgia by Juliette Low, so there’s a century of uniforms, books, and badges out there, just waiting to be discovered.

Looking to start your own vintage Girl Scout collection? I have a 1970s Junior Handbook in my Etsy store right now:


High Places Photos has a working Brownie Camera:


And Put Family First has a great vintage mess kit!