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Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




The other day I was at the Goodwill looking for some fresh stock for my shop when I struck up a conversation with a lovely retired lady named Sharon. After raving about how adorable my daughter was, she asked me if I was working, or if I stayed at home. When I explained to her how I maintained a shop on Etsy and was a freelance writer, she told me she always thought she’d love working from home.


“It would have been so wonderful,” she said, “To spend those extra hours with my kids, I could have gotten so much more work done around the house and wouldn’t have needed to squeeze all those doctor and dentist appointments in around my work schedule.”


I agreed that indeed those things are pretty nice. I then told her how much I envied her IT guy, marketing and accounting teams.


“It must have been wonderful,” I said, “To not have to write your own paychecks and clean your own office on a nightly basis.”


She laughed and said she’d never thought of it that way.


Depending upon what study you read, about 4.9 million Americans work from home, both as telecommuters and self-employed individuals like me. As the economy continues to stagnate, that number will continue to go up, yet it’s still difficult for people working traditional jobs to comprehend what it is we do all day.


The answer is, for me anyway, that most days I’m on the road, conducting interviews, finding new items for the store, or doing research for a client in between dropping my daughter off at preschool, thawing out a chicken for dinner, and swinging by our mechanic for an oil change. By the time the homework and the home work is done, it’s about 9 or 10 pm.


It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to find all the delightful things I feature in my shop!


Want to know what I found the day I met Sharon? Visit my shop on Etsy to find the vintage books I found, including some first edition novels!