The thing I love about Michigan is how gutsy Michiganders are about the winter. For example, back in Connecticut, kids are scooted back inside for recess if the thermometer drops below 34 degrees, out here in Michigan, they go out till it’s 10 degrees or less. They make the most of it by being allowed to sled during that time, something my kids were never able to do at school on the East Coast!

Another difference is the presence of yard sales all year long. I’ve walked around tables surrounded by about two inches of snow looking at knickknacks and leftover paper products for sale. It gives you a sharper eye when you’re shivering in your boots, dying to get back to the van and your thermos of coffee!

Just this past Friday my son and I went on the hunt in nearby Lansing. While I only found a milk glass compote similar to the pattern of one I already have in the shop, he found two monster trucks and a basket that we knew our cats would love snuggling into.

Monster trucks!!!!!

Monster trucks!!!!!

The woman running the sale had just had to close down her consignment store. She told us that it didn’t make sense anymore to have your own storefront, when your yard and the internet are so much cheaper to run. As a business person I tend to agree, but as a picker it makes me sad to think of all of those mom and pop thrift stores someday going the way of the dinosaur.


Cat inna Basket

Cat Inna Basket!